Notice writing Format with example and questions for class 7,8,9,10,11 and 12th

 What is Notice Writing?

notice writing how to write

Notice Writing is an Artistic way and a special method of short writing.Effectively disseminating and publishing these information's is also an essential part of this method.
Use of notice to inform individual ,group,business,educational institute and various government department to all public employees and teachers and students
through these information related to various government information, festivals ,events ,inauguration,holidays and sports related information broadcasted information related to merchants activities is also disseminated through them.
Hence notices has great important in our life in providing information.
Notices are either pasted on notice boards or published in newspaper.

An Effective Notice has some characteristic :-

  1. First of all, the name of the institution should be in  CAPITAL LETTER that circulating that notice.
  2. After [1] that heading NOTICE is written.
  3. Date on which Notice is Issued.
  4. After that, an effective and artistic title should be written in the middle.
  5. after that , full notice should be written.no essential information should be missed or hidden in the notice  
  • purpose of issuing the notice
  • date and period if required
  • location and time if necessary
  • and any conditions and rule
should be clearly mentioned. 

Notice Writing Format

There is no Prescribed format for writing Notice, but for the ease of writing following format is prescribed




Descriptive Heading

   Full Content of Notice



Designation of the issuer,Date


Types of Notices

  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Agenda
  • Members
  • Contact number
  • Specific instruction(if any) 

Notice Writing Examples

LPS College,Lucknow 
Staff Meeting
 An important meeting of the staff of the college will be held on December 17, 2020 in the college Auditorium at 2 p.m. All the members of the Teaching faculty are requested to attend the meeting.The following is
  •  the agenda of the meeting to pass the unit of the previous meeting.
  • to discuss and finalize the detailed program for the annual Sports day of the college going to be held in the first week of January 2021.
  • Any other item will be permission of the chair. 
RS Gaul
Staff secretary
  • Name/type of event
  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue
  • Eligibility
  • Contact number
  • Specific instruction(if any)

Notice Writing Example

  Bad la spinning and weaving Mills Limited
 Grand Farewell to Retiring  Managing Director
As it has already been decided Executive Committee of the Officers Club, a grand Farewell function to give a befitting  Send off to our Managing Director Hon.RS Sandi, is going to be held on 1 November 2020 at the Club Premise.All the members of the officers club are cordially invited to attend and Grace the function.The members who want to speak on the occasion are requested to give their name to the undersigned by 26th October.The member are also expected to bring their own garland and bouquets to honer the Guest
DC Pundit
General Manager


  • Name
  • Occasion and Purpose
  • Venue
  • Date and time
  • Means of transport
  • Expenditure(estimate)
  • Duration
  • Contact Number  
  • Specific instruction(if any)


Notice Writing Example

Modern public school,New Delhi



School Tour to Mumbai

As has already been decided,the School is arranging a tour from Delhi to Mumbai.Tentatively the tour will start in first week of October 2020.The exact date depends upon the the date of reservation (Both sides) Available in the frontier mail.the members of the staff and student who are intended in-joining the tour should give their name to undersigned by the 10th.the tour would take about five to six days and estimate expenditure would come to about 2500rs per head.this would include train fare and boarding and lodging in a good hotel.it would be an excellent educational tour to financial capital of the country.the tourist are advised to take light warm clothes.for more detailed information contact undersigned mobile No.9947526522.

R.k Sharma



  •  Article lost/found
  • Date
  • Time(approx)
  • Place
  • Identification
  • Reward (if any)
  • Contact Number(if any)
  Notice Example
M/s Amoral and Son,Kanpur
Handbag lost reward to finder
While going from sari bazaar to Mohammadpur by my scooter between 4 and 5 in the evening of Jan.4 2021.I dropped my handbag somewhere on the way.it was medium size bag gray color.The bag contained many of the important letter,some account paper and bunch of key with some important document.Anyone who may have found this bag is requested to inform me on my Mobile number 9986645443.the finder will be given a cash reward of Rs 500.
Sham manor
Proprietor of the firm

  •  Name of institution/company/dept.(where call for strike is given)
  •  Personnel is going strike
  • Date and Duration
  • Reason for strike
  • Demand
  • Justification
  • Promise for remaining Non violent and causing No damage    

Notice Writing Example

 Workers Union,Lucknow
Sugar mill,Lucknow
This one month's Notice is hereby given to the management of  sugar mill,Lucknow worker Union that all worker of the class three and class four will go on indefinite Strike with effect from February 10,2020,if their long pending grievance are not removed to their entire satisfaction.

The worker have brought to the notice of the Management their grievance several time over the period of 12 month but they have have taken no steps to remove their grievance.The main demands of the worker are revision in their wages structure payment of annual bonus and better provision for their safety and welfare.
The workers Union Have been compelled to take this extream step on account of the callous indifference of management towards their genuine demand over such a long period.the worker would remain absolutely non-violent and cause no damage
Shiva Ram
President of the worker Union

  • Present Name
  • Fathers name 
  • new name
  • Reason for changing name
  • Address Objections(raised if any)

Notice Writing Example

 Rajni Agarwal,indra nagar




Change of Name

   Until now my name was Rajni Agarwal Daughter of Shri Padma Agarwal A27,Indra nagar,Lucknow.Last week i was married to Mr.Vinay Singh.Hence According to India Code of Conduct and Convection,my name has been changed as Rajni Singh.According I am getting my name changed in all my educational Certificates and Degree and also in my Bank Account 

this is far general notification so that one one may have any objection on account of this change in my name

Rajni Agarwal


Notice Writing Questions

1.Draft a notice to Invite All teacher and student to College book fair on 27th dec 2020 at eco park lucknow.

2.Draft a notice to inform all the students about the commencement of half term exams from 5th jan2020 

3.Draft a notice in newspaper about your lost marksheet while coming back from an job interview mention all neccessary details

4.draft a notice to inform all students about trip to goa to see historical places and do mention all important details of trip.

Draft a notice to change your with valid reason .



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